X_University which will roll out during 2019 school year is designed to be a service that offers people a new way to connect with their education through a single national platform. This new platform will allow people to take courses from all partner colleges and universities across the entire United States on their own terms. Additionally, it will also allow employers to custom build degrees and certificates using existing course offerings and eventually designing new ones. X_University will do for college courses what Airbnb did for renting unused house space. In essence by partnering with schools, X_University will connect students with schools and classes that they need in an area or in a way that is most convenient for them. These courses offered, will be selected from courses at accredited universities, colleges and trade schools that have not filled all of their seats in both traditional and online courses. X_University will then be the degree/certificate granting institution allowing for people to take courses at numerous institutions in the best way for them. Additionally, it will help people complete programs that were impossible for them before because of credits not transferring or the like. X_University will accept credits that were previously completed within 5 years to help people gain the degree they were seeking. This will all occur under a price point ($1,000 per 3 credit course or $1,200 for 4 credit course) that will essentially create a $40,000 bachelor degree or $5,000 a semester, which in the long term will help in assisting with future debt loads. Finally, working with employers, X_University will develop new training degree progression using existing coursework to better prepare students for specific workforce needs in a flexible and proactive manner. X_University is a University for the modern world that integrates the best of technology, real-world employment and the traditional college experience.