Tenants & Services

  • There will be no typical tenant. Any business can rent space, thus there will be individuals who rent cubicles and bench space all the way up to companies with dozens of employees.

  • Potential sectors to recruit from (though not limited to):

    • Engineering

    • Computer science

    • Aerospace

    • Manufacturing

    • Automotive

    • Biomedical engineering​​

    • Drones


  • The incubator space is conceived so that tenants will have access to services that will increase productivity. In essence tenants will see cost and time savings because of  onsite resources as offered by the X_Factory. More succinctly put, companies will move in and be able to get right to work.

    • Makerspace tooling for prototyping and early development of practices directly related to creation of hard goods.

    • Training provided by the makerspace

      • It is the intent per the makerspace plan that the makerspace will provide training services and classes. These can be developed to meet the needs of the tenants.

      • Guidance as tenants scale up or require new knowledge to use tools.

      • Additionally once a tenant leaves the incubator the training and makerspace will still be available for use and support.

    • Assistance in purchasing or renting company specific tooling for the manufacturing space that the tenant rents

    • Courses, seminars and other supports provided to tenants to help them grow and develop their businesses.

      • This will include time with experts in certain fields:

        • Financial planning

        • Materials Sciences

        • Engineering

        • Specialists in partnerships with the X_Factory

    • Conference rooms

    • Medical insurance

      • It is the intent to work with insurance companies to offer medical insurance as part of the rental package to tenants and all X_Factory Staff.

    • Clerical/ancillary services

      • Phone answering

      • Copy and editing services

      • Postal services

      • Access to onsite legal and fiscal services (see The X_Factory Structure document for details)

      • Other benefits (once at full occupancy)

        • Small cafe that provides access to fresh healthy meals

        • Healthy living benefits

          • Healthy snacks

          • Onsite gym

          • Note: This is in keeping with the general industry trend in technology companies to aid in recruitment, retention and efficiency.


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