• The Concept:

    • Some of the most successful technological advances of the first two decades of the 21st century started in garages with the wrong tools. The X_Factory is a makerspace and incubator founded on the concept of having the right tools for the job from the start. The X_Factory is, at its core, an education institution that fosters learning and community through making, while also providing space for startup companies to grow and learn as they go from concept to product.

  • The Purpose:

    • To provide a space where people can come together and learn different hands-on skills for personal and professional enrichment

    • To provide a space for entrepreneurial individuals or local businesses to access the knowledge, materials and machinery that will assist in meeting their goals at a reasonable cost

    • To provide a space where community can come together around a common interest in making

    • To provide a space for people to learn specific needed skills to better their career prospects based on industry demand with the opportunity for licensure or certification

  • The Focus:

    • The X_Factory will operate as a non-profit entity with a mission of supporting education and innovation, specifically targeting the skills and resources required to create hard goods, software and technology for individuals and startups alike.

    • The primary focus will be the operation of the makerspace on the premises of the X_Factory campus. The secondary focus will be fostering support for new startup companies in the incubator space that the non-profit will own.

  • How it will work:

    • The goal is to create a non-profit educational entity to run both the makerspace and the incubator.

    • The desired location is a building has the classroom, office and manufacturing space that would be required for this project.

    • Given the central goal of education and innovation the X_Factory will seek recognition as a 501(c) 3 non-profit. This will afford many benefits as well as allowing for donations to be tax deductible.

    • The X_Factory’s governance, its buildout and ultimately operation of the non-profit will be guided by an executive director and a board of trustees.

  • What is needed:

    • Your support as an advocate for the creation of the X_Factory

    • Short-term funding to continue developing this proposal and associated costs

    • Contributions to the forthcoming non-profit to establish the X_Factory

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